Monday, 30 June 2008

West Highland Way Race photos

I have almost read all other blogger's race reports (JK's and Tom's still to go) but am still struggling with time to finish off my report.. In the meantime I have some decent photos which chart my progress through the race. Here we go ...

Final adjustments before the 1am kick-off - 95 miles to go!
Arriving 5 minutes ahead of schedule at Balmaha. No I haven't peed myself. Just a sweaty gusset. Nice image eh?

'Trotting in' to Rowardennan with Murdo McEwan.

Eating a breakfast BLT at Rowardennan with my Dad, Gordon.

Scratching like mad as I depart from the midge hell of Bein Glas Farm. I still bear the marks.

A er refreshing pot of rice pudding in the sun at Kinghouse after a sweltering Rannoch Moor section. Caroline, my wee brother's girlfriend helped support.

Relubing my feet with bodyglide at Kinlochleven with Ian (support runner) and Caroline looking on interestedly. Not often you see a foot re-lubing.

Me looking a bit soft in the head at Lundavra. Ian and Neil (wee brother) milling around.

Sprinting to the end with Ian, my support runner, at my back. Not sure whose hands.

Walking back from shaking Dario's hand at the ceremony, goblet firmly grasped.

My mum, Satyavajri, apparently had some kind of religious experience at the ceremony (you can almost hear the choral music). Dave W's subversive support crew in the background.

Cheers and congratulations all round the next day with Kirstin (wife), Eilidh (daughter) and Satyavajri (mum).


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,


Thanks for your company throughout the race. It was great to meet you properly and you kept me smiling... you still on for our bottom burp orchestra? ( had to be there!)

Was really disappointed not to see you after the race - was hoping you'd be at the BBQ on Saturday.

Congrats again, and thanks again. Will I see you for more of the same next year? sub 20 hrs?

Brian Mc said...

My bottom is er always prepared. I shall, as agreed, contribute the higher tones to compliment your bass reverberations.

I shan't be back next year - planning either a Bob Graham Round or the UTMB.

But perhaps in 2010! And sub-20 will indeed be the goal.

Great running with you.

Subversive Runner said...

Good pics mate. Yep, Thursday night is good for BGR chat. I'll lay off the vino so I make some sense!!

Thomas said...

Wohoo. You are my inspiration now since you came back and did it. Although I do not want to fail twice... ;-)
Great pictures. I think I have a few pictures with you on it as well. If I have not deleted all the memories of that day ;-)

Phil Robertson said...

Firstly congratulations on finishing!

Secondly, i didn't realise your time was quite so impressive - an awesome achievement.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest achievement of all, you have my utmost respect that it was your 3rd time - again i didn't know. It takes some guts to come back and try again and you deserve to have finished in such style.

Very well done.

Subversive Runner said...

Looked again at photies mate. Crackin'. Well deserved goblet and a suitably proud Ma. Top man, brother.

Davie Bell said...

Yeeha! well done Brian, I've been on a two week WHW detox programme,finally finished my report see you at the Devil's dude.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Awesome mate! Great finishing time.
Great Pics, and gotta luv Mum :)